Customer Service Software & Support Software

You are probably familiar with the well-known business principle, it’s cheaper to keep a customer than find a new one. With customer service software, keeping a customer is not only cheaper, but easier. Unfortunately, finding the right system for your specific needs isn’t always so easy. So, let’s break it down.

Customer service software is typically divided into two categories: call center and help desk. Call center software, such as RightNow and inContact, is designed to help service centers field phone inquiries. Help desk software, such as Zendesk and SysAid, is very similar to a call center or customer service system, but instead of focusing on a wide variety of issues, a help desk is usually designed to handle a small set of problems that are typically technical in nature. You will want to consider your specific support needs when trying to decide on the right system for you.

Additionally, there are some emerging trends you should also consider. According to Forrester, the number of remote support agents is growing. If you have remote agents or plan to, you’ll want a cloud-based system with remote access. Another big trend is social. More and more customers are turning to social channels for answers to their support questions. As a result, many systems have started to integrate social capabilities into their workflows. Here, you can learn more about these and other emerging trends, as well as the systems that will help improve agent performance and make it easier to keep those customers.