With over 5 million users, Oracle is positioned as a market leader in CRM. They also offer one of the deepest CRM product portfolios on the market to cater to any company, regardless of size or industry.

Siebel CRM is an on-premise solution designed and priced for enterprise customers. CRM On Demand is Oracle’s cloud offering that offers the same functionality as Siebel CRM, but at a more affordable price point. Oracle’s PeopleSoft CRM solution is tailored with built-in best practices that are specific to your industry. Oracle calls it “CRM for You.” The E-Business Suite CRM application is designed to meet the unique needs of global organizations. Finally, their latest release, Oracle Fusion CRM is a 100% open-standards-based application with advanced sales performance management capabilities. Fusion CRM can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

In today’s CRM market, the key differentiator is social. And with market leads starting to get slim, smart companies are investing in socially aware applications to get a leg up in the game. Oracle, the market share leader, is making some big moves in this area. In early 2012, Oracle purchased social media management tool Vitrue in an effort to create a comprehensive social relationship platform. Then, in June 2012, Oracle announced its plans to acquire Collective Intellect, a social intelligence tool. This acquisition, combined with Vitrue’s capabilities and Oracle’s existing toolset, will result in one of the most powerful social CRM solutions on the market. With this level of innovation and forward-thinking, Oracle will remain a powerful CRM player, making it a good candidate for your shortlist of CRM vendors.