Eloqua is a leader in marketing automation and Revenue Performance Management (RPM), and is often credited with creating both software categories. Since its launch in 1999, Eloqua has spread its reach to over 33 countries and is a recognized market share leader.

Eloqua is one of the most mature and flexible systems available. Eloqua software empowers marketers with automated lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurturing, campaign management, reporting and analytics. With its latest edition, Eloqua 10, the vendor has significantly stepped up their focus on the user experience. This version of the software has much more intuitive navigation and a user-friendly interface for increased adoption by both new and experienced marketers.

Eloqua also has a strong social component: the Social Suite. With the Social Suite, marketers can enhance existing content with social components. Social data can also be used to create more targeted demand generation campaigns. Eloqua offers integration with the majority of CRM and sales automation systems, and is a great fit for small businesses and large enterprise organizations alike. Watch one of the Eloqua demo or Eloqua reviews videos to learn more.

While Eloqua’s platform is a top performer, it’s their focus on customer success that really sets the marketing automation vendor apart from its competition. Each customer has a designated “Success Manager” who guides them through every step of onboarding and is there to assist them with strategy and planning. Eloqua also supports their users through Eloqua University, a program that provides best practices curriculum and training on all facets of marketing automation and RPM. Another form of customer support is Eloqua’s thought leadership. Eloqua regularly partners with companies like creative agency JESS3 to create compelling content that educates the market as a whole and further establishes Eloqua as powerful force in marketing automation.